"I believe life is savored more deeply when creating daily. 
                          Creating leaves little room for drama and opens the door 
                                                                              to deep gratitude for a life lived fully."

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I am a child of the west who grew up wandering mountain meadows or stream banks, identifying flowers, birds and the tracks left by animals passing through. The adults in my life showed me the wonders of Yellowstone from Old Faithful to the delicate filaments waving in the overflow of a gentle hot spring. Mom generously shared her knowledge of how to identify the flowers in a small bouquet picked from the sagebrush meadow near our cabin in Colorado or the tracks in the mud by the stream where my father fished. Cousin Ruthie showed me ways to capture all that enthralled me with a camera.

These family teachers of my youth instilled a deep love of learning and fueled the fires of my intense love of detail and documenting. When a subject captures my attention, I dive straight in to the deep end, immersing myself in the topic, sometimes for years. Research, documenting along with technical and creative skills combine to allow me to create with the camera and computer as well as with watercolor, graphite and colored pencil, and of course, with words.

Join me on my blogs
as I share the adventures of exploring more deeply an environment that began as the backdrop for numerous cherished childhood memories, and is now our home: Cody and the Greater Yellowstone Area.

Field Journaling Blog

Janet's blog inspires and invites you to document the wonders of the life surrounding you. 

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Geyser Watch Blog

Janet shares what she sees and learns about the thermal features in Yellowstone & invites you to share & learn, too.

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