The camera combined with Photoshop, and sometimes Illustrator, are the tools I use to capture the world around me. After trying out weddings and portraits and learning how to do some of those types of things, I knew that was not the direction my photography would take. I did, however, land on stock photography as what fits me and my work the best.

I also find that I thoroughly enjoy capturing locations which has turned into portrait shoots of a different type - a portrait session for a place or a business. Creating a stash of photos for a business or project absolutely delights me.  Occasionally, I'll also do this for families - we go where they love to be, and hang out, do things they like to do and get some pretty awesome photos.

No matter what, though, for me - it's gotta capture 'real.'

You can see my work here. 

                                                         Let me know if you think my work might suit your ideas.